alexis-meadling said: Hey, I am looking for any really good Soulmate!Klaine fanfics, and I was wondering if you could rec any? Please and Thank you! :3 *hugs* [also, I love you & your blog, just saying]

Hi! Why thank you :D

Ok, so I’m not super into the soulmate AU but I have a few!

chatterboxrose has several here her stuff is always super sweet

the always amazing anxioussquirrel has a WIP Etched Into My Skin

and unshurtugal wrote a really interesting twist on it that I loved Only A Name

also it’s totally tacky to rec myself but I’m doing it anyway. Yolo, etc. Halves

Publishing because I’m positive that I’m missing something amazing and hopefully others will share.

  1. nadiacreek said: Multicorn wrote a great set of short soulmate ficlits involving various ND characters and unusual non-soulmate situations.…
  2. scandalsandbowties said: There’s an Ace of something or other that’s good.
  3. kat721 said: Lilinas’s Expectation Fails is excellent. That’s also D/s though, and I don’t know how alexis-meadling feels about that.
  4. alilactree posted this

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