very important serious question: 

age difference fic, older Kurt or older Blaine? (I’ve done older Blaine, if it matters.) If I were to write it. Today. You know, hypothetically…

  1. hazyjayne said: I’ve seen far more older!Blaine than older!Kurt fics…
  2. alilactree reblogged this from alilactree and added:
    Okay! I think Im going with older Kurt. Something new. Thanks all! (now I just need a plot. I suppose.)
  3. chloeekueen said: Older blaine! like the girl said earlier its far easier to visualize…:) you can try another older B! with new personalities or sth..blahblah
  4. nachochang said: OLDER KURT!!!!
  5. agent-girlsname said: Older Kurt :)
  6. anderchester said: older KURT because young innocent blaine??
  7. sunflowerinyourhead said: Older Blaine. Kurt has this innocent sinful air about him that just…
  8. mander3-swish said: more tattoo!klaine…pretty please? *bats eyelashes* but older!kurt works too.
  9. ellielulu said: Older Kurt. Please!
  10. room108 said: Older Kurt! There is not near enough of it in fandom.
  11. brizzbee said: I kinda like older Blaine, just because it’s easier to visualize. Also Kurt can look so sinfully innocent.
  12. alianne said: older Kurt!
  13. blaineandergayy said: Older Kurt! There are so many older Blaine fics going about recently and it would be refreshing for something a little different
  14. blainejuiceboxanderson said: older kurt would be awesome
  15. raspberryblainers said: older kurt because there’s literally few fics with this combination, don’t get me wrong older blaine is hot too but i need more older kurt ^________________^
  16. chrismydisneyprince said: if u’ve done one then try the other :)
  17. korydwen said: older Kurt
  18. ourlivesareweird said: Older Kurt! *__*

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