Out Of My Head

Quick 4x14 reaction fic.

He blames Blaine. He started it. Their conversations had been mostly neutral if just a little tentative after the holidays, then working up to a friendly light banter.

Until Kurt gets a call while he’s walking home one day, coat pulled up high around his neck to stave off the sharp bite of the air. 

“Tina’s being weird.” Blaine. With absolutely no lead in whatsoever. 

“Going through a ska phase weird or sacrificing goats weird?” 

Blaine chuckles, and Kurt can hear rustling in the background, can picture him settling back against his pillows; shoes kicked off and down to his undershirt the way he always is after school, shedding layers and pretense all at once.

“No, like- she’s always touching me, like my arm or back. And looking at me, and um- she said my butt looks like it was baked to perfection by a master chef…” 

Kurt knows Blaine is probably pressing his lips together and ducking his head the way he does when he’s uncomfortable. Kurt doesn’t want to add to it by pointing out that Tina is obviously in love with him in a really inappropriate way. Blaine’s smart, he’ll figure it out.

“Well, she’s not wrong,” Kurt says, and maybe it’s a touch too flirty for what they are right now, but Blaine laughs again, low and deep and it spreads warmth through Kurt’s body even as the wind howls around him.

“You would know,” Blaine says. It’s definitely flirty.

Kurt steps to the side, pressing his back to the corner of a building and takes a breath to compose himself. He clears his throat and breathes out, “So, how was your day?” just to change the subject.

The next time it’s almost a reflex when Blaine sends a picture of himself in the morning asking for Kurt’s opinion on an outfit; tight pants and an even tighter polo. 

Hot, Kurt texts back, without even thinking about it. Blaine sends back a winky face. 

Then when he calls Blaine one evening, later than usual but he and Rachel stayed up watching increasingly awful (wonderful) episodes of a Bad Girls Club marathon that he just has to Skype Blaine in on- Rachel’s trash talk being decidedly lacking- but when Blaine answers his voice is breathy and rough and honey-slow.

“Hi there,” Kurt trills, delighted. “And what were you just up to?”

But Blaine doesn’t laugh it off or lie or dance around it at all. “Jerking off,” he replies, like he’s remarking on the weather.

“Oh?” Kurt says, quickly standing and walking to his room, snapping the partition closed behind him. 

“Mmm-hmm,” Blaine purrs. Kurt grips the phone tighter, sits on his bed and crosses his legs firmly. “I was thinking about that time last Valentine’s day. When it had been a while and I surprised you and after we sang together you dragged me off to the bathroom. Remember that?” 

God, how could he forget? Kurt bites his lip, spreads his legs and palms himself just once before he realizes. They can’t. They aren’t. Not anymore. “I have to go,” he says and Blaine just hums before Kurt disconnects the line and makes his way, cool and composed and not at all frantic, to the bathroom.

He comes back later, sated and slightly chagrined, to a text from Blaine.

And just what were you up to? ;)

Shut up, Kurt texts back. It’s been awhile. That’s all. 

They talk on the phone and text and Skype and it’s fun and it’s flirty and it’s fine because they’re friends and friends can be- friendly. 

Blaine sends him a video of his performance of Don’t Stop Me Now as Kurt is packing for the trip to Ohio for the wedding.

Kurt replies, I hate you.

Blaine sends another damn winky face. Kurt wishes someone would outlaw those stupid things. That and stirrup pants.

There is a crowd of them in the parking lot, hugging and laughing and a whole lot of those one-armed-back-patting-straight-boy-embraces. Then there he is, standing next to Tina who is hovering just a tad too close and even tosses Kurt a glare. But Blaine is grinning, wide and giddy, then he holds Kurt’s gaze and very deliberately drops his eyes up and down Kurt’s body.

Kurt smirks, raises an eyebrow. “We’ll meet you guys inside.” He doesn’t even have to ask Blaine to follow him back to his rental car. He knows.

And whatever this thing is between them that Kurt isn’t ready to define, not yet, Kurt knows too. It isn’t over. It never really was.

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