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Our top story this morning: Ohio’s Supreme Court struck down a bill today that would give hybrids full constitutional rights. A handful of other states, such as New York, Vermont and California have recently passed similar bills among much controversy. But Senator Mack Jensen, R. Ohio, who spearheaded the anti-hybrid opposition released a statement saying, quote, “This is a victory for God and families and the moral right.” Then going on to call hybrids an “abomination” and a “science experiment gone wrong,” despite the mounting evidence that hybridization of human cells with feline cells has drastically reduced the number of infants born with incurable and usually fatal genetic conditions. For more on this topic we turn to Dr. Han-

“Hey, Kurt. Morning!” Burt calls, fumbling with the remote to turn the TV off and grinning at Kurt overly wide and exaggerated.

“I don’t understand why you bother with the news, you know it just upsets you.” Kurt lowers himself to the couch, presses his shoulder to his dad’s. “It’s not good for your heart.”

“Screw my heart, I’m gonna track this Jensen scum down and list the many ways I can think of to change his mind, starting with my boot up his ass.” Burt slams the remote down on the coffee table and Kurt jumps and winces at the sharp bang.


"Dad, it’s fine. I’m used to it."


His dad sighs, reaching out to rub at Kurt’s ears in apology, but Kurt ducks away and rolls his eyes.


“Just, watch Sportscenter for awhile and try to calm down. I need to go to school.”

“Alright, alright. But I’m not letting this go. I’ll figure something, okay? It’s not right.”

Kurt tips his head to his dad’s shoulder, closing his eyes as fingers stroke through the soft, sensitive hair around his ears. It means a lot, how much his dad is willing to fight for him, but he’s just resigned himself to being treated as an other. Either ridiculed or ignored, when he isn’t the direct object of scorn. He’s just biding his time now, one more year until New York and he can be accepted and free. Find others like him who have also escaped. But first he needs to start his senior year.

He lets his dad hug him tight, just once, before getting up; Burt’s ire now directed at something a referee did or didn’t do at a game that’s long since over. Kurt brushes his fingers along the long trench coat and bowler hat hanging on the front hook by the door. The ones that would hide his ears, his long, sleek tail. No. He’s done hiding. 

He gets dirty looks on the bus, how he longs to be allowed a driver’s license, but at least they keep their comments to themselves. Kurt holds his head high, sits where he pleases and stares out the window with his jaw clamped tight. At school he makes it almost all the way to his locker before he hears a group behind him, hissing and meowing and laughing. He closes his eyes instinctively, holds his breath and braces for the impact.

But they just walk past, taunting him, and Kurt breathes a sigh of relief, but too soon. The last in the group of oversized jocks in letterman jackets turns around and knocks Kurt’s armful of school supplies to the floor, scattering papers and books and pens across the hall.

Kurt can feel his ears flatten, the sharp snap of his tail in irritation as he bends down to pick everything up, muttering assholes under his breath.

“Wow, I was really hoping not everyone at this school would be narrow-minded jerks.”

Kurt whips his head up, eyes narrowed, to find a boy crouched in front of him; a stack of Kurt’s papers in his outstretched hand. Kurt takes them from him warily. “Everyone in this town is a narrow-minded jerk.”

“Well, not everyone.” He smiles then, hand outstretched. “I’m Blaine.”

Kurt just flicks his eyes to Blaine’s hand and stands back up, books and papers clutched to his chest. Blaine follows, dusting his hands off on his pants and following Kurt to his locker. 


“Pleased to meet you Kurt.” 

Kurt focuses on putting everything neatly away, doesn’t understand what this guy’s motive is. Kurt has a few friends, loyal and kind once they got to know him. The rest of the glee club mostly tolerates him. He has his dad, and now Carole and Finn, but that was pretty terse and uncomfortable for a while. No one is pleased to meet him. Ever.

He clangs his locker shut, turns to look at Blaine and tell him off for whatever prank or joke he thinks this is. But Blaine’s face is still so kind and open and earnest that Kurt is bewildered. He believes Blaine. He likes him, wants to know him, even though Kurt never lets his guard down that easily. Why?

Then a shadow passes, a patch of clouds over the sun beaming in from the high windows, and Blaine’s yellow eyes glint a reflection of light.

Could he be…

But Blaine is all slicked down dark hair, no tall ears poking out, and when Kurt’s eyes trail down he finds no tail, just a (very, very nice) human body. 

“What are-” Kurt starts, a war of confusion and excitement and desire churning in his belly. But the first bell rings and Blaine starts to walk away backwards, calling, “See you around Kurt!” before turning around and disappearing into the crowd.

He doesn’t see Blaine around. Though he keeps glancing around the hallways, checking quickly inside classrooms, but no sign of him. He wants to let it go, file it away as a figment of his imagination. He just can’t. Kurt has never met another hybrid, not in person anyway. He’d always wondered if they would have some kind of instant connection, a kinship. Like what he’d felt with Blaine. Or is it just because Blaine was nice to him, and cute, okay yeah he’d noticed, that Kurt can’t stop thinking about him. 

By the time school is over and he’s in glee club, Kurt has resolved to forget about Blaine. He needs to focus, do well this year and get into college so he can leave and not have to latch on to the few people who show him the smallest amount of kindness. Like they’re doing him some sort of favor. 

But then Blaine waltzes into the choir room with that smile, waving and saying, “Hey Kurt!” before sitting down right next to him. Kurt tenses up, heart pounding and muscles gone rigid as he’s overcome with the ridiculous urge to rub his face along Blaine’s, memorize Blaine’s scent and mark him with his own.


That’s new.

“Uh, dude.” Puck plops down in the chair directly in front of Kurt’s and tips it back on two legs to crane around towards Blaine. “Look, Kurt is cool and everything, but you should know that hanging with him is like announcing that you don’t want friends or to get laid, like, ever.”

Blaine’s mouth parts and his eyebrows furrow, says, “Uh, okay?”

Then Puck leans even farther back, practically in Kurt lap as Kurt glares at him. “He’s a hybrid.” Puck stage whispers.

“I know,” Blaine whispers back, shaking his head then shrugging a shoulder for Kurt’s benefit. “The ears and tail kind of gave it away.”

“That’s how I figured it out, too,” Brittany calls from across the room.

Kurt feels his face burn hot and his tail starts to twitch from behind his chair. “Can we maybe stop talking about me like I’m not even in the room?” He snaps, folding his arms tightly across his chest and leaning away from Blaine.

“I’m sorry,” Blaine says softly, tuning his body toward Kurt as Puck flops back forward and directs his attention elsewhere. Blaine rests his palm on Kurt’s knee, the warmth of it seeps through the denim of his jeans. “I didn’t mean-”

Blaine pulls his hand away, fidgets in his seat a little, restless and uncomfortable. “It’s just. I am, too. Well, half anyway. My mom is one. I know it’s hard to tell, just my-”

“Eyes,” Kurt interrupts. “Your eyes.” Blaine snaps his mouth shut, watching Kurt intensely,  moving closer into Kurt’s space like he’s drawn by a gravitational pull. Kurt feels like he’s buzzing all over, tail flicking and twining; he has half a mind to grab it and try to keep it still. “I mean I- Just noticed. Earlier.”

“Right yeah, of course.” Blaine clears his throat, licks his lips and settles back in his chair, then plasters that bright grin back on his face. “So, you sing too? Favorite musical on three.”

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