Fic: One Fight


A/N: This fic was intended to be a part of the Interlude Press One Story Fic Project, before the project was so rudely interrupted. I’ve been meaning to finish it up for awhile, and I figured that this seemed like a good time to post some feelsy Klaine fic. :)

This fic is also a tip of the hat to Shiftings, the very first Klaine fic I ever wrote, back in April of 2011.  The story, quite literally, that changed my life and put me on the career path on which I find myself today.  This is not a Shiftings ‘verse fic (that ‘verse has been wrapped up for years), and is instead a season 3 canon gap-filler with tons of ruminating on the part of both boys..  But it is structurally similar to Shiftings, and also regards a major shift in Kurt and Blaine’s relationship.

Rating: Uh…like a hard PG-13 or something? But just for adult-themed thoughts.

And thanks so very much to klainescoffeeorder for the beta!

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One Fight Can Change Everything.

It wasn’t as if he and Blaine had never fought before; there was the Rachel Berry Fiasco after all, and that one argument they’d had about PDA that summer at the lake (Blaine hadn’t even been drunk for that one), but those issues had been clean, simple, easy to resolve.  Kurt could concede that his attitude toward bisexuality had been perhaps a bit (fine, a lot) offensive, when what he was really reacting to was the idea of losing Blaine to Rachel, and Blaine could concede that he hadn’t been sensitive enough to Kurt’s nervousness about making out in a public place, even if they were in a dark copse of trees and he was pretty sure no one could see them.

But that had been it, really.  Banter about fashion and reality TV and card games and what snacks to make didn’t count.  Especially when said banter generally ended in kissing or giggling or both.

This was different.

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klaine hiatus challenge  i love klaine because…

they’re besties and lovers

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it seems like everyone could use a pick me up today so here’s kurt making breakfast for a super fabulous looking blaine, as suggested by the lovely hazelandglasz


it seems like everyone could use a pick me up today so here’s kurt making breakfast for a super fabulous looking blaine, as suggested by the lovely hazelandglasz

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Fic: Slumber


likearumchocolatesouffle prompted sex while one of them of them is falling asleep or waking up. missbeizy your breathplay was breathtaking (LOLS), but Kurt is awfully tired now. Maybe it’s all the sex. 

For those wanting easy access (LOLS AGAIN), the great Porn off of 2014 has gone a little like this: 

A little voyeurism (me), Kurt’s butt being irrisitible (beizy), dirty talkin’ intergluteal (me), a teasing, furtive, public blowjob (beizy), bossy!kurt getting his way (me), and a little breathplay to top it off (beizy). For now. Damn that’s a lot of porn, I hadn’t realized how much. I think we all may be tagging this crazy #porn off 2014.

“Mmm, hey,” Kurt murmurs, accepting Blaine’s kiss as he crawls into bed. “Your lips are cold.”

“Well it’s cold out,” Blaine responds, whispering in the dark. Everyone in the apartment is asleep.

“Time is’t?” Kurt is already falling back asleep.

“One,” Blaine says. He’s settling under the heavy blankets, where a delicious heat from Kurt’s sleeping body has collected. “You’re—” Blaine’s exclaims when his hands find Kurt’s mostly naked.

“Was waiting,” Kurt rolls over onto his back.

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ravenclaw-weetzie promptedcon or midnight release cosplaying canon/shipped characters and friends/strangers ask them to take a pic together cause they “go together”

Klaine cosplayers with bonus Blam friendship

When the doorbell rings Blaine leaps up dramatically from where he was crouched on the bed taking pictures of himself to put up on Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr. “I’ll get it!” he shouts, racing down the stairs with extra flair, his short red cape billowing around him, skin-tight suit just as aerodynamic as he’d hoped, lands at the front door, opens it and spins and-

“Sam, what-” His cape droops, his silver headband slips down over his eyes. “You were supposed to be Hulkling!”

Sam raises his fist, gripped around an oversized foam hammer, and bellows, “Mjolnir!”

Blaine pinches at a sudden throbbing between his eyes. “You could have at least picked another Young Avenger, Sam! And now we don’t match. We look stupid.” He puts his hands on his hips, both of them in capes and spandex and Sam in a plastic armored breastplate and hat with wings glued on and spray-painted gold. “I’m Billy with no Teddy,” he says in exasperation. Ohio Comic Con is ruined.

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NEW VIDEO: “Getting Intimate With Darren Criss

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this is absolutely the attitude this outfit deserves


this is absolutely the attitude this outfit deserves

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